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  • I have been suffering from neck pain that was diagnosed as Arthritis & told I needed physical therapy. In addition to getting the therapy I decided to get Acupuncture. The acupuncture was helping but needed to be done every week. It was time consuming & expensive. I decided to try Hansmore's Organic Tumeric. Within the first 2 weeks I noticed the pain subsided. It has been about 4 weeks now using Hansmore's Organic Tumeric Capsules & I can hardly feel any pain. I would recommend this product for anyone experiencing an inflammatory condition. Thank you Hansmore for developing such a great product. — feeling thankful To all my FB friends I am using this & can honestly say that my Neck Pain diagnosed as Arthritis of the Neck has just about gone away. I wouldn't be posting this if it didn't truly help me.

    • Paul F

    • Old Bridge New Jersey USA
  • I feel better than i have in almost a year! People that see me everyday have seen the difference! Sure i have bad day's, i will the rest of my life probably with this disease, but i am so, so much better then i was, people have no idea what's like to have to depend on someone to help with everything and i mean everything! I need help with some thing's, but i am able to do things for myself and that makes me so damn happy 😊 See ya tomorrow

    • Laura W

    • Bushnell IL USA

We’re dedicated to natural healing. You deserve to live a happier, healthier life.

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3 Reasons to Love Hansmore

Australian made quality

At Hansmore we source only the highest quality ingredients from around the World. The ingredients are clinically tested in our laboratory before being manufactured under the strict code of GMP so you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality products from Hansmore.

100% Natural

Since the beginning of time, people have turned to nature for healing and wellness. At Hansmore our philosophy is to capture the very best that only nature can provide and utilising this with science and technology to enhance your health the way nature intended.

Core Essentials

Our mission at Hansmore is to provide you with all of the core essential foods your body needs to help stimulate gut health, organ function, strong bones, general health/wellbeing and a healthy mind.