Black Liquid Life 6 Bottle

Black Liquid Life 6 Bottle

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Hansmore's Black Liquid Life minerals provide almost every conceivable mineral and trace element in an organic, colloidal form. It contains unique vegetative minerals, as well as sea minerals, and a natural citrus flavour. The combination of these natural mineral sources ensures that a comprehensive assembly of naturally occurring minerals are present, and it also provides for a higher concentration of the commonly occurring minerals. Furthermore, this amalgamation creates a synergy that allows the full spectrum of minerals present to 'help' each other work effectively; this means that only very small concentrations are necessary. It is important to note that organic minerals do not cause a storage problem within the body, as only those that the body requires are utilised, with the remainder being excreted.

Hansmore's Black Liquid Life minerals are unique as they began their formation approximately 30,000 years ago. A fertile valley in Austria formed a catchment for 700 identified herbs and flowers, which were swept down the mountain sides as a result of melting glaciers. The resulting accumulation became known as the 'panacea; revered as far back as 600 B.C. This thick, black liquid contains hundreds of forms of organic materials.

Minerals are fundamental for life: they are mocronutrients that are required for the metabolism of other nutrients, and are vital for:

  • Preventing dehydration;
  •  Avoiding the build-up of heavy metals;
  • Building hormones and enzymes
  • Supporting digestion, assimilation and the maintenance of pH within the bowel (which allows the beneficial flora to thrive);
  • Facilitating electrical conductivity
  • Aiding oxygen transportation
  • Maintaining muscle tone
  • Increasing vitality
  • Promote healthy aging